Hand-Building Pottery Workshop 29&30 December 2014

The Workshop was a success. Here are some pictures, was great to have them in the in the new studio. 🙂

1743629_10204852979297737_6468672136460792121_n 1743638_10204852977137683_5117958805330430450_n 10173814_10204852971657546_5001456759577395715_n 10309499_10204852971977554_1683737330980498132_n 10338247_10204852960257261_856456884717038542_n 10378545_10204852970057506_118087766961427931_n 10402503_10204852974537618_1520481388667586854_n 10502461_10204852966057406_416885327746485903_n 10882191_10204852962097307_8718676213417434227_n 10882385_10204852962497317_6318760008560259901_n 10885045_10204852961737298_3239619494178425967_n 10888943_10204852959977254_328771103351731616_n 10891819_10204852973017580_1525844734807011086_n 10897746_10204852970857526_1311954234770545384_n 10897970_10204852957017180_1694728169773544816_n 10898266_10204852959497242_2621185799492532906_n

Hello Everyone,

Are you interested in a Hand-building Pottery Workshop? Learn different techniques/methods on how to build different vessels or objects by hand?

The Hand-building Pottery Workshop will take place on the 29 & 30th December from 09h00-12h00. Please let me know if you are interested by Thursday 18 December 17h00 as Ark Trading closes on Friday and I will need to stock up on clay.

The cost is N$450.00 for both days and the workshop will take place in my NEW WORKSHOP in Windhoek West, corner of Bach & Purcell street.

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