Option 1 – Need your team to know each other better?

Option 1- Need your team to know each other better?
The Team and I
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
4-30people (bigger groups possible under special circumstances)
Want to get to know your team a whole lot better?
The people in your team bring unique skills, personality and strengths. Recognizing and utilizing these enables true team development and great results. The team and I explore these strengths, the power of creative expression and visual communication. The great thing with art is that it communicates without uttering a single word. By looking at art we receive all sorts of information. Your team’s key strengths and thinking styles are taken off a PowerPoint or report and turned into unique and creative portraits that everyone is proud of. Using a number of creative processes and utilizing profiling tools such as HBDI and Myers Briggs, teams explore who the individuals in the team really are, what their strengths are, and then create fantastic portraits that serve as a great reminder of what’s possible.
A perfect team building program for a new team, the start of a team project or graduate induction program.
Benefits for your team:
1. Your team opens up new lines of communication and forms closer connections.
2. Explores key team strengths and improves ways of working.
3. Develops understanding of the thinking and personality styles of team mates.
4. Provides a common language and understanding moving forward.
5. Facilitator is a professional artist who understands art and creativity and works with teams to create fantastic art.
6. Fun, unique and dynamic team building session that engages everyone, no matter what the perceived levels of creativity.
7. Team bonding experience as team mates discover more about each other.
8. Creates a powerful record of what your team wants to be.
9. Creates an understanding of what’s important on an organizational and personal level.
10. Encourages whole brain activity.
11. Team members are involved in every step of the art team building process – brainstorming, drawing and developing symbols and painting the artwork.

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