Option 2 – Need your Team to Think Out of the Box?

Option 2 – Need your team to think out of the box?
Open your mind
Material: Clay
4-30people (bigger groups possible under special circumstances)
“Open your mind” enables your team to look at the world with a new set of eyes. It’s about seeing things differently and you having a great time in the process. A sculpture program enables your team to bring themes and concepts to life in a way that is both real and tangible for everyone involved.
Good news: Your team isn’t thrown in the deep end. Your team will work through a number of small activities that will get them comfortable with using sculpting materials and thinking creatively. Your team will be taught the fundamentals of sculpting, including understanding what to look for when looking at shape, movement and form. This enables your team to create something great.
Teams work with professional quality materials, including modelling clay. The finished sculpture is a great reminder to keep on the desk and around the office, post session.
Benefits for your team:
1. Challenges a team’s limiting beliefs and perception around what’s possible.
2. Changes the way that teams look at the world around them.
3. Teams work through the barriers that hinder creativity.
4. Opens up new lines of communication between team mates.
5. Teams learn the actual skills required to make a sculpture so it looks good.
6. Teams leave with something tangible that they can take home.
7. Can be facilitated anywhere.

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