Option 4 – Explore your creativity

Option 4 – Explore your creativity
Autonomous drawing and splash painting
Material: Charcoal, pencil, ink on paper
4-30people (bigger groups possible under special circumstances)
Autonomous art is achieved when you let your subconscious control your hand to paint or draw. It is a way to unlock where your dreams come from. This will help employees explore the material in a fun relaxing way.
Benefits for your team:
1. Teams explore barriers to creative thinking and creative behavior.
2. Team members learn how to let go and let intuition guide them.
3. The team learns to relinquish control over situations they have no control over.
4. The team learns to focus on things they do have control over.
5. Everyone participates, achieves success and learns something about themselves
6. Every team member paints/draws – either as part of a large team artwork to hang in the office or to take home as individual paintings.
7. Team members are involved in every step of the art team building process – brainstorming, drawing and abstracting ideas, designing the image and painting the masterpiece!

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