Team Building Options

20141124_175719Please note that upon request a workshop tailored to your specific company needs is possible. The basic four options that are the most sought after are listed below, each about 3.5hours in length. At this moment groups bigger than 30 need the assistance of another qualified facilitator which would need to be arranged and confirmed in advance. The options below may be combined to form a one day or two day workshop. For example:
1 Day workshop:
09h00-12h30 – Option 1
13h30-17h00 – Option 2
2 Day workshop:
09h00-12h30 – Option 3
13h30-17h00 – Option 4
My services include the materials and facilitation of the workshop only. If it is not possible to hold the workshop at the organisation’s offices, the booking of a suitable venue, as well as all refreshments must be arranged and paid for by the organisation. If the organisation decides to offer the participants’ lunch, this too must be arranged and paid for by the company. A 50% confirmation fee deposit is required 14 days in advance. A 50% cancellation fee is charged for cancellations not done 7 days before the workshop. The reason for the 7 days cancellation fee is that the material needs to be ordered and paid for in advance.

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