Value of Art Expression Team-building Workshops

1. Art Expression is an expressive outlet that utilizes symbolic and metaphoric language and is therefore less threatening.
2. Provides direct expression of inner experiences, such as dreams and fantasies.
3. It is usually a new experience for the individual, evoking ideas, feeling and thoughts that were previously unexpressed.
4. It can be task focused, thus providing a directed stimulus that helps reduce anxiety and confusion.
5. Provides an integrative experience, where thinking is organised around an activity that has a beginning, a working-through and an end as part of the private individual non-verbal process.
6. Draws on cognitive, affective and kinaesthetic capacities simultaneously.
7. Requires active problem-solving within limits of various art materials.
8. Provides a cathartic release that is directed to and contained within a piece of art work.
9. Encourages individual autonomy; the maker experiences freedom and control over the mark-making and learns to understand and find meaning in their artwork.
10. It heralds growth and integration before language can communicate it.

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