You would like to help?

Did you want to help me with the art projects but aren’t sure if giving money is the right way for you to help?

There are other ways to be part of the process.

Would you like to help by offering a skill you have? I always need help with all kinds of things throughout. Please do not hesitate to let me know in what way you would like to help.

Here are some ideas how I always need help:

  • Attend the exhibition / installation / performance openings / celebrations
  • Subscribe to my website and social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • View and share the videos, photos and posts from my website and social media with friends.
  • Talk to your social circle about the art projects.
  • Give me your feedback by commenting – what went well? What needs to be better? – This way I can improve and reach more people
  • Perhaps you would rather donate materials for the projects instead of money?
  • Help me produce artworks – this can be performance, production and installation process of installations.
  • Transport of artwork from production place to installation area.
  • Blogging or writing about the work always helps to spread the word.
  • Perhaps you know who to recommend I contact that could help with projects or possible residencies?
  • Provide a space to produce/create projects (This can be in form of a residency)
  • Perhaps you would like to provide a space to live when I am in your area/country, producing my work? (This can be in form of a residency)
  • All artists need to eat – a gift card for a organic grocer or something similar is always welcome. (Or if part of a residency a food budget)
  • I also always need people to do camera work, editing, interviews etc.
  • Things that all businesses need: Bookkeeping, PR, Sales and Marketing, Translation and more.

I hope to hear from you, leave a comment if you want to help.

Kirsten Wechslberger