‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, duo Exhibition with Niina Turtola

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’Down the Rabbit Hole’ is a multi-media installation, which I installed in the National Art Gallery of Namibia as part of a duo exhibition with Niina Turtola in 2013.

There are two digital artworks facing each other across the room with excerpts out of well know movies or series. The video on the right hand side of the room has short scenes of violent acts repeated and the one on the left shows love and laughter scenes. Each digital artwork has its own sound also taken from well known videos and series.

The sound and video material was switched to make the viewer feel uneasy. The sounds of the violent artwork therefore has loving sounds such as laughter, words of love and loving music while the sound of the loving artwork has sounds of gunfire, explosions and screams.

Both screens have the word asleep bleeping on their screen, like an alarm clock, the one bleeping/flickering more urgently than the other to hint at the viewer that we are asleep, consuming movies and series without a thought what this will do to our physical body.

The two videos are surrounded by a web of white cotton wool suspended by a black wooden frame with wire. The room is dark and UV lights are suspended to make the wool glow eerily. The suspended wool represents the matrix, the web we are caught in and our connections with each other and the energy systems within and around us.

With this work I like the viewers to question what we consume on TV and online and how this affects everything in our lives as the subconscious has no ability to distinguish between reality and fiction.

Video of left screen:

Left screen video & Sound

Video of right screen:

Right screen video & Sound