Close Connections

Close Connections between humans and the envionment

The installation consists of a model (Jani Schneider), seven different shades of purple/violet string, the natural environment such as flowers, trees and grass as well as manmade objects such as a stone path, walls and a house. The human is in the centre of the of the installation and all strings originate either from the model or from the immediate environment. The strings represent energy and are pulled tight and attached to random objects in the natural and manmade environment. At times these strings cross paths creating web like patterns, crossing connections, showing the closeness of humans and all our environment. The purple/violet color is also the color of spiritual fulfillment and creativity. The use of violet/purple comments that the model has an open, spiritual, loving and creative mindset which creates a positive balance between the model and the environment it has influence over resulting in a healthy relationship to the world. In essence the work illustrates that we are closer to things/environment than we often care to admit.

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