Children Holiday Workshop December

Don’t have a program for your children for the beginning of the December holidays yet? Are your children creative? Do they like arts and crafts? Are they between the ages of 6- 18? This might be right up their alley.

Dates:     8 – 12 December 2014 (Monday to Friday)

09h00-10h30 – Create your own Mosaic – N$500.00

10h30-12h00 – Fun Printmaking Techniques: Yarn printing, Leaf Printing, Styrofoam Printing, Muffin Tin Printing and Bubble Wrap Printing – N$500.00

Bubble wrap printing was today. Tomorrow is Yarn printing. See pictures from today below:

Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger

Bubble Wrap Print

Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger

String Print

Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger

Styrofoam Printing

Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger

Leaf Printing

Children may attend both workshops or just one. Children will have a few breaks in between to rest, eat, drink and play. Please pack food and drink. Workshops will be in my studio at Arebbusch Travel Lodge. 10 spots are available. Book as soon as possible. Payments must be done 5 days in advance. Please contact me @ or 081 246 3255.

Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger

Finished Mosaic

Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger

Muffin Tin Printing

Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger

Mosaic Design

Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger

Creating Mosaic

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