Kids Christmas Decoration Workshop 3 – Making the Candle and Pouring the Plaster

Do your children love to make their own Christmas decorations? Would they like to learn to create their own angels, trees, stars, snowmen and more to hang on your Christmas tree or perhaps to sell to others? During this workshop the child will learn how to create their own decorations/objects with clay by pouring a mould. Your child will be able to make candles as well as plaster of paris decorations.

Book at 0812463255 or

29 November 2014 09h00 – 12h00

Kirsten Wechslberger Studio, Arebbusch Travel Lodge, Olympia, Windhoek


Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger
Candles and clay made by Nuwa
Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger
Finished muffing glitter candle
Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger
First cast of Father Christmas from Elizabeth’s mould
Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger
First half of Adam’s mould.
Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger
Adam’s second half of mould ready to be poured
Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger
Adam’s elephant – perfect plaster mould
Photo: Kirsten Wechslberger
Adam grating the wax to make it easier to melt
The mould - Father Christmas
The mould – Father Christmas

The workshop line up is as follows:

Christmas Decoration Workshop 1 – Creating Decoration for Reproduction – Done

Christmas Decoration with paper @ Goethe Centre Christmas Market: Done

Christmas Decoration Workshop 2 – Producing Moulds of Your Decorations -Done

Christmas Decoration Workshop 3 – Casting Moulds with Plaster of Paris/candle wax – 29 November 2014 09h00 – 12h00

Christmas Decoration Workshop 4 – Decorating the Cast Decorations – 6 December 2014 – 09h00 – 12h00

Each workshop costs N$450.00. Payment must be done 5 days in advance. Please e-mail Kirsten for banking details.