Creative Goal Setting Workshop (Vision Board) Workshop 2

It is much easier to stay on target with your life-goals when the mind has something visual to look at every day. A vision board looked at every day will remind you of what your true goals in life are instead of being distracted by daily inputs and desires…especially those desires created by external inputs like the advertising industry or societal pressures.

Those that attended the previous workshop in March and that would like to revise their boards or go on with them because they have had not time to do this at home are welcome to join the circle for N$50.00 as long as you bring your material that you were given last time with you. 🙂

During this workshop we will set up short term and long term goals and create a visual piece of your end-vision in your own personal style. It promises to be fun but will also be challenging.

The workshop will take place on Saturday 1 August from 14h00-17h00 at my studio in Windhoek West. The cost is N$220.00 per person. You will be required to bring at least 10 magazines for everyone to share and choose images from. I will provide all other materials.

Please book in advance. Please contact me for more info, booking and banking details. 🙂 or 0812463255