‘Minaminals I’, 2017 Sustainable Art Installation by Kirsten Wechslberger, Gut Hellersdorf, Berlin, Germany

‘Minaminals’ is a public series, sustainable art project which addresses sustainable development of micro and macro ecosystems by using sustainable production materials.  The project creates emphasis on celebrating diversity, integration, recycling, creative change management and edges or margins of ecosystems it interacts with.

The ‘Minaminals’  installation is made from a recipe of bioplastic and sand created by Kirsten Wechslberger in 2012 for the installation ‘The Road Less Travelled’ exhibited at the Goethe Institute in Namibia. The recipe was further developed for an artist residency in South Australia where she produced the ephemeral work ‘$Edge’ at the Arid Lands Sculpture Festival, which earned her the first prize.

The bioplastic and sand recipe is made entirely of natural ingredients which decompose over time when exposed to wind, rain, sunshine and small insects such as ants and thus becomes food for the plants and dissolves into the ecosystem it is placed in.

The Minaminals I’ installation consisted of + -80 mini sculptures each with an average size of 10 * 10cm per sculpture. The sculptures for ‘Minaminals I’ were a snake, a bird and a snail. Each installation will see more animals added which are all vital for a healthily functioning ecosystem. The animals were installed in the vegetable beds of Gut Hellersdorf for the Berlin Prizessinengärten Wandelwoche on the  on the 9thof September 2017.

After completion of the installation there was an artist talk at, Projektraum mp43, run by Carola Rümper in Kastanieboulevard, Hellersdorf, Berlin