‘Earth to Earth’ Minaminals II Participation Kunst:Offen Hellersdorf

PDF Invitation download: EinladungskarteKunstOffen  My next bioplastic and sand installation Minaminals II ‘Earth to Earth’ can be seen from the 11 June 2018 in Kastanienboulevard, Hellersdorf, Berlin until it has become part of the earth again. English version is below the German version   EINLADUNG von A nach B –Die Fahrradtour– Begleiten Sie Carola Rümper (KünstlerinContinue reading “‘Earth to Earth’ Minaminals II Participation Kunst:Offen Hellersdorf”

Site-Specific Installation ‘Minaminals I’

A site-specific installation with bioplastic and sand, Gut Hellersdorf, Berlin, 2017 ‘Minaminals’ is a public series, sustainable art project which addresses sustainable development of micro and macro ecosystems by using sustainable production materials.  The project creates emphasis on celebrating diversity, integration, recycling, creative change management and edges or margins of ecosystems it interacts with. TheContinue reading “Site-Specific Installation ‘Minaminals I’”