It’s Raining Cats and Dogs Exhibition – National Art Gallery of Namibia

My artwork and some photos

Artwork 1
Title: ‚Lions Replaced by Fat Cats‘
The title’s play on words suggests that previous kings of the animal and human kingdoms living in Namibia are being slaughtered and or replaced by wealthy powerful business men and politicians who are not acting in the best interest of their citizens and/or the natural environment.
Year of Production: 2018
The installation consists of three chess games and chess game 1 game symbolises the past of Namibia. It represents the colonial times where the black population was exploited by the colonial powers and where segregated under apartheid.

Game 1 (Lions Replaced by Fat Cats)

Black vs White (Colonialism) Photo: Sascha-J. Bachmann

Chess game 2 represents the current situation of Namibia. Here white chess pieces are replaced with black pieces so that two black teams oppose each other. The heads of the pawns are cut off and stuck onto the smaller pieces of the opposing team. This is a comment on the current corruption in the current political system and the exploitation of natural resources and people by people in power. The opposing pawns (mass population) is stuck in their starting positions while the old and new elite move about freely occupying the space around.

Game 2 of 'Lions Replaced by Fat Cats'

Black vs Black (Elite vs the mass population) Photo: Sascha-J. Bachmann

Game 2 'Lions Replaced by Fat Cats'

Black vs Black (Elite vs the mass population) Photo: Sascha-J. Bachmann

Chess game 3 is a comment on the future of Namibia. Here there are black, brown and white chess pieces on the board opposing each other. The viewer is challenged to create their own scenario. How will this new game where sides are not defined by colour, ethnic group or social standing be played? These pieces are also the only ones that are movable.
The artwork questions the role and function of the state and what is actually being delivered. It questions the current living standards of the major chunk of the Namibian population and the effort made by the state to protect the animal and plants kingdoms present in Namibia. It queries if one suit of fat cats has replaced another, if visionary lions have become materialistic fat kittens? Will the master predator human consume it all only to become extinct itself?

Game 3 'Lions Replaced by Fat Cats'

The Future? The only movable chess pieces Photo: Sascha-J. Bachmann

Artwork 2
Title: ‘Treat’
This artwork is based on personal experiences and expresses how certain narcissistic traits are celebrated in contemporary society. A well known example is Donald Trump with this excessive Tweets.
5min Video projection with sound
Year of Production: 2018
This artwork is personal and consists of a shower of sounds, images and dates that have dominated the communication with a person in my life. The nature of communication has evoked the feeling of being ‘treated like a dog’ and often followed with a feeling of heaviness – like being drenched in the ice cold rain where clothes and shoes have soaked full of water, movement is restricted and no sunshine in sight to dry the clothes and warm the skin.


Still of my video work ‘Treat’



Video and Sound Installation Photo: Sascha-J. Bachmann

Artwork 3
Title: ‚The Master Predator’
Medium: 5min Sound Installation
Year of Production: 2018
The headphones are suspended in front of a huge window with a view onto a busy intersection. The sound of the installation is a selection of sounds that show life such as the sound of birds, lions, as well as the wind rustling the leaves in the trees or blowing through the grass. There is an extra emphasis on sounds of animals that are being hunted illegally or are in danger within Namibia such as lions, rhinos, wild dogs and elephants. As the installation plays sounds become less until there is utter silence. The aim of the artwork is to have the viewers reflect on their role as a master predator on the planet. The dying sounds hints at the extinction of live on earth through humanity. Will we reflect now or once it is too late? Will we survive long enough to begin the reflection process?

'The Master Predator'

Sound Installation with city view (Photo: Sascha-J. Bachmann)

'The Master Predator'

Sound Installation with city view (Photo: Sascha-J. Bachmann)

'The Master Predator'

Sound Installation with view of my other installations: ‘Treat’ and ‘Lions Replaced by Fat Cats’ (Photo: Sascha-J. Bachmann)

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