‘Mastor Predator’- Sound Installation on YouTube

Listen to the Sound with headphones!!!! The original site at the National Art Gallery of Namibia has a view out of the windows onto a busy intersection below with building surrounding it. Don’t forget to like my FB page, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and to my WordPress Website. 😀

‚The Master Predator’/Medium: 5 min Sound Installation/Year of Production: 2018/
The headphones are suspended in front of a huge window with a view onto a busy intersection. The sound of the installation is a selection of sounds that show life such as the sound of birds, lions, as well as the wind rustling the leaves in the trees or blowing through the grass. There is an extra emphasis on sounds of animals that are being hunted illegally or are in danger within Namibia such as lions, rhinos, wild dogs and elephants. As the installation plays sounds become less until there is utter silence. The aim of the artwork is to have the viewers reflect on their role as a master predator on the planet. The dying sounds hints at the extinction of live on earth through humanity. Will we reflect now or once it is too late? Will we survive long enough to begin the reflection process?