Selected to participate in a Residency at the Akademie für Suffizienz in July-August 2018, Germany

‘The Soil We Live On’

The Akademie der Suffizienz, KUNST – STOFFE – BERLIN and Group Global 3000 have invited me to work at the Akademie der Suffizienz in Reckenthin/ Prignitz from 23 July – 23 August 2018. The residency is followed by a group exhibition with other Resident artists at the Projektraum Group Global 3000 in Berlin 24 August – 19 October 2018

The Theme is ‘The soil that we live of/ Der Boden von dem wir Leben’ and the aim of the Residence and exhibition is to address the soil as a habitat and subject of human intervention. The outer earth layer of our planet is sealed by asphalt and concrete, the humus is washed away by industrial agriculture. Soil loses the ability to retain water, the filter function, the diversity of life.

Possible works are u.a. Object, Photo, Video, Installation, Sound, Performance, Image. The call is addressed to artists working in the field of sustainability and economics. With sustainability, we understand ecological limits and orient ourselves to social justice. Defining the economy we as an organisation of care for people. The way of doing business determines whether and how we respect global boundaries and whether justice is possible.

Looking forward to the residency and creating more bio-plastic sculptures/installation