Video of Production of Clay Ant Lion Prototype

This is the documentation of the production of an ant lion that is part of the Minaminals III Project: The Soil We Live of. More info on the whole installation: The artwork installation would be the representation of the trillions of living beings alive in the 1 cubic meter of earth. The idea is to make people see how much life there is in the earth even if they cannot see it. The 120 sculptures that will make up the bioplastic and sand installation will consist of 10 main categories of life forms found in the earth and will be made to sizes of 10 to 30cm. The installation will be set up on an old building area or wasteland near the Akademie of Suffizienz in Reckenthin, Germany as part of a residency in July 2018. The installation will be filmed and photographed and this will be showcased in the Projektraum Group Global 3000, in Berlin opening on the 24 August 2018. The following 10 organisms will be created and presented: microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and earthworms, roundworms, mites, springtails, rotifers, bristle worms, beetle larvae, two-fly larvae, snails, and ant lions